Ambassadors Riddle

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It’s now time to guess who will be the Global Ambassadors of Anita Flavina Dance Shoes!

Here a small summary of the riddles:

1.Will the Global Ambassador be one person or will be a couple?
It's gonna be a couple

2.Where is he from?
He is from Italy

3.Where is she from?
She is Ukranian

4.In which Tv program did he participate?
Ballando con le stelle

5.When did they start dancing together?

6.At what age did the male dancer start dancing?
He was 8

7.At what age did the female dancer start dancing?
She was 12

8.Where do they live?
Hong Kong

9.What was their last competition?
UK International bournemouth 2020

10.Where they in the top 24?

11.Which country do they represent?

12.How many years have they been dancing together?

13.Are they Ballroom or Latin dancers?

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