We are proud to announce our new ambassadors and their ladies Latin dance shoe shoes Energy

Stefano di Filippo & Dasha Chesnokova

Stefano di Filippo & Dasha Chesnokova

Anita Flavina Dance Shoes is deeply honoured to announce our Ambassador Launch headed up and designed by the World Champion Dancers Stefano Di Filippo and Dasha Chesnokova. It is with a massive thank you from the bottom of my heart that Anita Flavina Dance Shoes after only three years launching our Hand Made in Italy Dance Shoe Brand, we have been chosen by World Champion Dancers to represent us. Three years in building our brand and four generations of Italian dance shoe artisan’s creating dance shoes. For me when a dancer slips on Anita Flavina Dance Shoes, I visualise the dancer embracing the passion, dedication and love that was put into creating our dance shoes, in the same way as they have for their dance. In the same way as a dancer’s body, Anita Flavina Dance Shoes is strong and flexible at the correct points, which enables a dancer to express themselves in their dance. We are an extension of your feet that flows with the rhythm of your body to express yourself to your best. A dancer and a dancer’s shoes are intwined and work as one in the same way Stefano and Dasha have been dedicated to designing Anita Flavina Dance Shoes Collections

"Dasha and I chose to become Ambassadors of Anita Flavina Dance Shoes because the shoes are of exceptional quality, being hand made in Italy makes all the difference, with the skill and craftmanship of 4th generation dance shoe artisans. We had a few ideas to improve the comfort and balance so naturally we began to design these aspects of the shoes and over a period of time we began to perfect every single part of the dance shoes, designing new ways for dance shoes to evolve. Together we think about the fashion designs of the upper patterns and how dance shoes should be beautiful in the same way as fashion shoes. So now we have designed the most comfortable, technical dance shoes that are also stylish and the best shoes that every dancer can wear, exactly the same as a world champion does. If you dance you want to give your best to your dance, to do your best for your dance, so try the difference in our dance shoes, as dance shoes are the most important part of the dancers kit.If the shoes are perfect that will help perfect your dance."

Stefano di Filippo

"It is amazing that our factories located in the rolling hills of the beautiful Italian countryside is where our 4th generation dance shoe artisans every day hand craft our dance shoes, for dancers all over the world. They hand craft each shoe with the same energy, love and passion as we have for our dancing. Together our energies meet as one for the love of what we do in the creation of our shoes to perform our dance and we become one. This is one of the reasons why I chose to become Ambassador and Designer for Anita Flavina Dance Shoes. I feel so good designing our dance shoes collection so I can give something back to dancers all over the world who follow me, to help them dance their best. Together we will dance our journey in Anita Flavina Dance Shoes."

Dasha Chesnokova

For Dancers by Dancers
Our New Energy Ladies Latin Dance Shoes

Energy Ladies Latin Dance Shoes Satin
Energy Ladies Latin Dance Shoes Satin
Energy Ladies Latin Dance Shoes Satin
Energy Ladies Latin Dance Shoes Satin



Designed to envelop and adapt to the shape of the dancers's feet

Designed to follow the same line as the dancer's body to enable the dancer's flow of their dance to be more pleasing to the eye and for the dancer's feet to feel maximum comfort

Designed the heel of the feet of the dance shoes to be the correct height and in line with the heels of the dancer's feet

Designed the heel of the feet of the dance shoes to hug the shape of the dancer's feet, to secure the dance shoes to the feet.  This ensures the dancers feet will not slide forward and prevents too much of the dancer's weight from going on to the ball of the feet.  Which means the balance of the dancer's body is correct and ensures the ball of the dancer's feet is comfortable to enhance the dance

Designed the heel of the dance shoes to have extra strong heel stability

Designed extra strong arch support

Designed the dance shoes to be still shorter in length to enable a perfect point, clear and tidy footwork which looks more pleasing to the eye

Designed the straps of the upper are secured into the center of insoles to enable maximum support

Designed the cushioning and padding of the dance shoes in different thickness at different parts of the dancer's feet.  This ensures the dancers feet have maximum comfort at the pressure points, still maintaining maximum flexibility at the flexible points of the feet

Designed insoles and linings using the finest Italian tanneries all in leathers to eliminate sweating and ensure maximum comfort of the dancer's feet

Designed the dance shoes to be ultra flexible


Upper Material: Premium Quality Satin

Insoles & Linings: Leather which reduces sweating of the feet and foot odour and provides extra comfort

Sole: Buffalo Leather Sole