Veganuary for Dancers

This month, Veganuary has been a topic an increasing number of people have tapped into. With the uptake in conversation of the controversies surrounding the meat and dairy industries, it comes at no surprise that we want to take these measures.

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Adapting to a plant based diet and being dancer can be tricky; it is vital to ensure that you are still getting an abundance of protein, vitamin B12 & D, iron and calcium.

Due to the vast amount of exercise you partake in as a dancer, we encourage you to speak to a trained dietician prior to making these changes to your diet.

That being said, in honour of Veganuary, we have put together a list of vegan foods which hold these important nutrients, and we believe should be part of your diet.

  1. Tofu: is protein rich and can be used as a good substitute for meat in a lot of your favourite dishes.
  2. Nuts & Seeds: are ‘good fats’ as well as a good source of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals.
  3. Avocado: offers fibre, protein and a range of vitamins and minerals, making them a great source of energy as well as a filling addition to a meal.
  4. Lentils: can be used in a variety of dishes as a great source of protein and fibre.
  5. Chickpeas: provides you with vitamins, minerals and fibre - and who can say no to hummus!
  6. Oats: contain a high-quality protein and can be used for veggie burgers.
  7. Quinoa: a versatile ingredient which provides magnesium and a good source of fibre, iron and antioxidants.
  8. Potatoes: are filling, contain protein and potassium which is an essential mineral.
  9. Fresh fruit: Filled with vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients. Put together a colourful combination for an excellent source of energy.
  10. Green vegetables: Contain nutrients and protein; can be great in a smoothie or as part of a meal.
There are many ways you can amend a dish and provide replacement - whilst ensuring you are getting the necessary benefits - using these ingredients.
Let us know how your Veganuary is going!

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