Up Close: Paola Ladies Ballroom Shoes

by Anita Flavin

Up Close: Paola Ladies Ballroom Dance Shoes 

We have worked closely with a selection of female dancers and our Italian production team on perfecting the technical aspects of Paola to enhance the stability and comfortability of this design.

When designing Paola Ladies Ballroom Dance Shoes I listened to what our dancers were seeking in the ultimate ballroom shoe. They explained that the stability of the heel was of the up most importance, the flexibility and comfort of each shoe also played a major role in their decision making process of purchasing a pair of ballroom shoes. In order to achieve this I knew it was essential to have the correct balance and focus on the technical aspects which would result in ensuring our dancers needs were met.
My mission when designing Paola was to create a ballroom dance shoe that dancers dream about stepping out onto the dance floor in and which gave them the confidence to perform at their best.

Paola is designed for performance, using premium 100% satin, leathers and materials. We have implemented a hidden elastic around the top line edge to secure your feet, whilst ensuring the top line of the shoe is elegant and stylish. Paola has a shorter and wider front than Aga.

When I designed Paola my starting point was the heel of the shoe, as it is the heel that carries the weight of the body and is essential to the performance of your dance. A solid stable heel is largely depended on the precision in which the heel of each shoe is applied to the upper of the shoe and the materials used to support the attachment of the heel to the shoe. Each heel is attached to the shoe by the skilled craftsmanship of the artisan who ensures perfection in the stability and balance of the shoes to enable the dancer to perform with total confidence knowing our heels supports their dance.

To achieve maximum comfort and flexibility of Paola the materials used must be of a premium standard. We used Italy’s finest leathers for our insoles and linings for Paola. As we know leather is a skin that allows the foot to release sweat and odour which results in the feet being more comfortable and reduces odour. However I took this a stage further and thought about the comfort aspect of Paola and how to combine this with dancing and flow of movement. I researched at great length the padding and cushioning used to support the feet during many hours of dance. We developed a solution to what our dancers were seeking by using premium quality padding and cushioning at different pressure points on the soles of the feet. However we reduced the thickness of the padding and cushioning at the more flexible points to enable maximum performance.

An essential technical point is the connection between your feet and the dance floor for this reason when designing Paola we used a premium quality soft leather buffalo skin. 

For us it is important that each of your dance shoe orders arrives to you in pristine condition, beautifully packaged in the luxury you deserve. 

Paola Reviews:

Dancer: Gemma Morton "Doing my thing in the most amazingly comfortable #ballroom shoes by #anitaflavinadanceshoes in the stunning Savoy Ballroom"

"Having spent years suffering in Ballroom shoes, I'd resigned myself to the idea that I would never feel completely comfortable, despite trying every available brand. However, when I dance in Anita Flavina Paola Ballroom shoe, I knew immediately that these were different. The flexibility of the style, along with the supreme comfort and fit means my long-suffering "dancers' feet" are finally happy! Not only are they comfortable but they make my feet look the best they can. I recommend with confidence Anita Flavina Dance Shoes." Dancer: Gemma Morton

"Why comprise on either stability or style when you can have both? I proundly wear my Paola style daily for teaching and shows and can not speak more highly of the comfort and elegance they give me. Anita Flavina Dance Shoes are such a beautiful collection." Dancer: Honor Roche

If you would like to contact me, I can be reached at anita@anitaflavina.com or alternatively you can contact me at any of the social profiles associated with my bio directly below. Thanks! 

By: Anita Flavin

Co-Founder and CEO of Anita Flavina

Dance and Fashion Shoes. Hand Made in Italy. Latin, Ballroom and Social Dance.


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