The Napoli Open Festival ~ A Dancers Journey

Napoli Open The Festival
WDO Event


We wish all the dancers taking part in The WDO Napoli Open Festival the very best of success.

We are honored so many dancers in this prestige event have chosen to step onto the floor and performing their exquisite art in Anita Flavina dance shoes.

We know the dedication, passion, long hours of practice and perseverance you have gone through to reach this point in your life.  For you dance is your being, who you are, what you believe in and dedicate your lives to.  We are so proud of all the dancers.  We ask you to be proud of who you are, how you have achieved so much and the journey that has taken you to where you are today.  We know and understand for dancers there are mixed emotions, at times you feel defeat combined with great accomplishments, heart ache combined with great joy, fatigue mixed with euphoria.  The life of dancer is challenging and enduring, however it is also one of expression, giving when there is nothing else in you only to give more, escalation.  But most of all it is a great love and soulful meaning.

So many dancers at times are not happy with their results and I say to them look at how far you have come.  Do you think the champions were born and became champions without experiencing a similar journey to what you are on?  They to have danced this floor with the same feelings and experiences.  They to have traveled this path, enduring the same pain as you feel.  They are our inspiration everyday to get up and dance forward.  They too support their world and their students from the love in their heart and the passion and dedication not only to their dancing but to yours.

Life is funny with its twists and turns, but every hurdle there is a lesson to make us stronger, grow our personal beings and to move onwards and upwards to achiever our best.  Dance is an emotional, physical journey, full of financial requirements that is also challenging at times.

But with this the light of your soul always shines through and as I watch you dance, I also am so proud of each of your stories, your journeys and something in me emotional connects to my soul to yours, with your every move, every step perfected for hours each day.  You are the most beautiful artists; your souls are pure. 

Be proud of you, know you are truly appreciated and loved.

Let us introduce you to some of our dancers who is competing at Napoli.

Anita Flavina Dance Shoes

Jose and Marcella

Jose: ‘I love, loved and will continue to love dancing because it is I have inside me that comes from my soul to the outside, so I can express who I am and what I feel. 

Marcella: Dancing fills my soul, it is my life, it is my everything. Every day I am ready to pursue my dream and work hard to achieve it.

Marcella and Jose: ‘Thanks to Anita Flavina Dance Shoes because dancing for many hours is no longer stressful. Comfort, safety and beauty are the adjectives that distinguish this brand.

Anita Flavina Dance Shoes

Alexander and Katya

Alexander: ‘I dance for the love of my family, I dance for the life inspiration I am given by my teacher, Nino Langella, I dance to capture people’s hearts, I dance to achieve greatness for myself.  I love my Anita Flavina dance shoes they help perfect my moves, and are so comfortable and of high quality’

Katy: ‘When I dance I feel free to express myself with my body along with my soul whether I’m sad or happy at any time, this makes me feel alive.  Anita Flavina dance shoes are another level of comfort. I can dance for hours and improve my posture, my balance and experience comfort like never before.

Anita Flavina Dance Shoes are the best

Samuel and Julia

Samuel: ‘In Anita Flavina dance shoes I can move my feet like I have never experienced, they are second skin to really flexible and soft, yet stable.  The quality is amazing!’

Julia: When you dance you have the opportunity to show your true self, who you are.

‘I can say that when you dance 6 rounds of competition in Anita Flavina dance shoes and you feel absolutely no pain... that meant a lot to me’  

In the coming weeks we will tell you their stories and open up to you, their world.

Keep tuned for our dancer’s platform.

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