The Future Generation: WDO World Champions U19

The Future Generation: WDO World Champions U19

I am Marcella Varietà.  I am 16 years old and I was born in Naples, Italy.

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I have been dancing for 13 years, I started dancing in 2010 thanks to my mother who saw me dancing in front of the television during an Italian television programme of dancing and singing. Ever since I was a child I was different from other children, I was determined and full of dreams: I dreamed of becoming a dancing legend, I dreamed of bringing my style and personality to the dancing world, I dreamed of being loved by the public and of being the idol of young dancers, I dreamed of making a difference and of proving that if you really want to achieve a goal and you do it with all the love and strength you have, you can achieve it, it doesn't matter where you come from or how difficult it will be, if you WANT, you CAN.

Dancing fills my soul, it is my life, it is my everything. Every day I am ready to pursue my dream and work hard to achieve it. My idol is my teacher Andra Vaidilaite, she made me realise that I can be myself without following a stereotype of a dancer, but simply be different and special.

This year I realised one of my biggest dreams I became WDO under-19 world champion, together with my wonderful dance partner Jose Luis. We have been dancing together for 11 months.

Every day we cultivate our dream, with a lot of training and a lot of passion.

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My name is José Luis and I have been dancing for almost 11 years.  I decided to start dancing for a couple of Latin dances that I saw one day just after my parents finished a class of Caribbean.  I decided to become a dancer because it caught my attention, I loved to express myself, to learn, and the effort and dedication was what also pushed me forward.  I love, loved and will continue to love dancing because it is what I have inside me that comes from my soul to the outside, so I can express who I am and what I feel.

My inspirations in the world of dance are from professional dancers like Nino Langella, Massimo Arcolin, and dancers like Bryant Watson.  I am inspired by people outside the Latin sports dance, because I'm always looking for novelty, change, how to give that twist to enable my dance a fresh touch and create my own individual style.  I like to implement and other dance styles into my chorography even if only a hint in each dance to add a bit of freshness drawn directly from the roots of Latin American dances.

My dreams are many but one of the biggest I fulfilled it recently and was to be world champion, in U19 Latin and WDO.

All the dreams that I have I would love to fulfil them and live them with the person with whom I dance today Marcella Varietà.  Thanks to her I have achieved so many things in such a short time.

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Our greatest achievements are;

1st place world Championship WDO under 19

3rd place european Championship WDO under 19

4th place european Championship WDO under 21

Semifinalist at the open world under 21 2023

3rd place the open world super star under 21

And italian champion under 21 and under 19

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