Swarovski Ladies Latin Dance Shoes

by Anita Flavin

Our first photo shoot with Annalisa Di Filippo - Our International Dance Ambassador

We where honoured when Annalisa agreed to become our First International Brand Ambassador of Anita Flavina Dance Shoes. We felt in order to honour Annalisa in her true glory we would design a Ladies Latin Swaroskvi Limited Edition in which Annalisa would be the face for this campaign.

Some of the many aspects of my job as CEO of Anita Flavian Dance Shoes that I love is organising our photo shoots, spending time in Italy and also socialising with our many dance friends. So when the opportunity arose to combine these three areas into one I was very excited to say the least.

The most challenging part of any photo shoot is the preparations, on this particular shoot our goals was to portray the message of the luxury of our dance shoes.

My greatest challenge was to source a professional hair and make-up stylist in Rome, that understood our goals, connected with us on an energetic level, was passionate for our project and we were confident that would deliver, in the time frame required for the photo shoot, the exact looks we planned, plus was available on a Sunday. Italian not being my fluent language became an extra challenge. However it’s always the solution I focus on and not the problem. I attempted several avenues for this to no avail. Time was not on my side and with no hair and make-up on a high scale luxury level for this shoot would be impossible. 

I was visiting my parents in Co Derry, Ireland a weekend before the photo shoot and it was here that crossed my mind on social media I follow a make-up artist from Co Derry who lives in Rome, Louise Faulkner. I thought to myself this is a good omen. I contacted Louise we begun to communicate about the photo shoot. We are from the same parish and her sister is a friend of mine. She had actually left visiting her parents in the same day I arrived. Wow talk about energy synchronising.

After speaking with Louise I was absolutely 100% confident I had found the right person. Louise immediately got everything we were seeking from our photo shoot and was very excited about our venture. In addition to this her husband is the Food and Beverage Manager at Hotel Parco Dei Principi which was the location for the photo shoot. So all the omens were there.

I spoke with Louise at great length and we discussed the themes of the shoot and how she would achieve each look in stages and a very short time frame for change overs. Not only this I appreciated how Louise went to great lengths to make sure she made herself available on a Sunday around her busy schedule and family commitments.

On the day of the photo shoot we all came together for the first time. Louise executed each look to perfection, and her light hearted energy was instrumental to the success of our shoot. Louise’s expert knowledge and experience in hair and make up ensured our schedule ran on time and Annalisa was so amazingly beautiful for each scene we took. I can not thank Louise enough for all her work and presence on our photo shoot and we look forward to working together again.

Our first look was a tussled hair just woke up casual theme with natural make-up.

Then we went for a more classic look for the scenes in the suite

For our third look in the ballroom scene we went for glamour 

Finally for our last scene we really did go all out high glamour to achieve our totally high end luxury

After a days shooting in this case our team which consisted of six of us working in intimate surroundings with an age range of thirty seven years some of us never met, some were family father, son and daughter. The challenges of the shoot presenting an innovative new concept to the world of dance and I can say with my hand on my heart it was an amazing day, an amazing shoot and an amazing experience, with incredibly amazing fabulous people that were totally professional, totally connected all worked for the greater good. The environment, staff and hospitality at Parco Dei Principi was second to none. Of course our wrap party was fun, relaxing and we all finished up totally exhausted elevated and empowered with the universe conspiring us on our own individual journeys of supporting and enabling each other to develop into our own beings. 

To contact Louise Faulkner: IG: @louisefaulknerrome
To contact Michetti Studio: IG @Michettistudio.

If you would like to contact me, I can be reached at anita@anitaflavina.com or alternatively you can contact me at any of the social profiles associated with my bio directly below. Thanks! 

By: Anita Flavin

Co-Founder and CEO of Anita Flavina

Dance and Fashion Shoes. Hand Made in Italy. Latin, Ballroom and Social Dance.


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