Up Close: Nauris Ballroom Dance Shoes

by Anita Flavin
Up Close: Nauris Ballroom Dance Shoes

Up Close: Nauris Men's Ballroom Dance Shoes 

Shoe Review: by Dancer Nauris Kalva: "I need dance shoes that not only look great, but also feel great on my feet. The Anita Flavina Dance Shoes collection are hands down the most comfortable dance shoes I have ever worn. They are effortlessly elegant and super soft with a design that provides great support, giving me the best foundation on the floor". 

Nauris ballroom dance shoes comes in plain leather, patent and suede and they are the first man’s shoe I designed. Designing this shoe was a challenging experience for me as I usually visualise how a person will feel when they slip the shoes onto their feet and what necessary technical performance details the shoes can have to enhance the flow when dancing. So as I am not a man I decided to ask the advice of professional male dancers to help me with the performance related aspects of designing the shoes.

Nauris Kalva a professional dance teacher worked with me on the design of Nauris shoes. Nauris explained how he wishes his feet to feel in dance shoes. I realised that the comfort aspect is absolutely essential in order to dance for many hours each day and especially when teaching dancers must feel their best in order to give their best.

To achieve maximum comfort for your feet a shoe must be of superior quality and the finest, softness leather must be used so as your shoes become a second skin of your feet.

I researched the various options for the leathers and sourced the highest quality of leather insoles and linings which allows your feet to breathe freely which releases foot odour and sweating.

However as I always strive for perfection and top level quality in everything I do this still was not enough for me. I undertook a project where by I analysed the various thickness's of cushioning and padding to be used inside each shoe. I studied the points of the shoes / feet which needed the most padding and cushioning and also the points that required the most flexibility. Together with our Italian production team we created Nauris style which implemented this.

The male dancers I consulted on the design of Nauris explained to me they wish to have a soft spring in their step which enhanced their dance. For this aspect of the shoe I held meetings with our Italian production team and we invented a block of cushioning in the heel of the shoe. When our dancers tested shoes with cushioning and without cushioning they immediately noticed the difference.

However they felt a slight curve on the heel of the shoe would greater improve their performance so for this we analysed the degree of the curve and implemented this onto the shoe.

Another challenge that was presented to me by our male dancers was to source shoe laces that did not snap and was of long lasting durability. I organised a day at the Italian accessory houses for laces testing in which we investigated many different types of laces and the durability of each. Of course the cotton twill durable laces was the ultimate best. Cotton twill is soft but incredibly strong therefore does not snap under pressure.

It is the soles of the shoes that connects dancers to the dance floor. For me these should be of the very best quality and for this I researched what was on offer and realised that only the softness of leather buffalo skin could be used. This gives a smooth soft connection of rhythm between the floor, the shoes, and the dance enabling the dancer to perform at his best.

After the performance lead details and technical aspects of each shoe is finalised then I consider the design of the shoes. I visualise how a dancer wishes to look on the floor. Dancing is a beautiful art and creative energy, powerful and strong. I developed elegant, stylish shoes, they are pleasing to the eye and flow with the movement of the dancer to enhance his dance.

I brought the Nauris style back to London with me for a selection of dancers to test. The results were incredibly amazing for me. To realise I had achieved everything they wished for in a dance shoe was an absolute honour for me. Below is some of the comments I have received about our Nauris shoes.

"A Hugh thank you to the fantastic, stable, comfortable and stylish #anitaflavinadanceshoes for our fantastic new ballroom shoes. We will be taking them around the world performing, teaching, and competing with out students this year. #edfieandhonor #london #dance #danceshoes #ballroom #latin #dancers #instructors"

"I recommend these dance shoes. Great hand made Italian quality shoes! Improve your dancing together with Anita Flavina Dance Shoes."

!Have you tried the difference? My shoes are the most comfortable ballroom shoes I’ve ever worn! Designed not just for dance but for comfort! Peter Meager"

If you would like to contact me, I can be reached at anita@anitaflavina.com or alternatively you can contact me at any of the social profiles associated with my bio directly below. Thanks! 

By: Anita Flavin

Co-Founder and CEO of Anita Flavina

Dance and Fashion Shoes. Hand Made in Italy. Latin, Ballroom and Social Dance.


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