The uncertainty the complexity of the lockdown we took the hand of courage and just simply had to trust.  Literally not knowing what tomorrow would bring but accepting the blessings of each day was what would become the focus and for us keeping the virus away from our door not only for ourselves but those of our loved ones that become dependent on our daily offerings of food or little chats on the doorstep all at a distinct.
We would go for our walks in the parks at off peak hours and look at the birds and nature take its course.  Did they know something was astray, the atmosphere was surreal there was always a strange feeling in the air?  Was it fear?

We lived parallel lives, fear and gratitude in the same body playing out the game.  Who would win?  Could we rise above the matrix against all the odds? Impossible some would believe, but what does it matter what others outside your support bubble believe.  We are living in a world of impossibilities, impossible is the new norm.  The embellishment of love we surrounded ourselves in became our norm.
The protection of ourselves and each other was what would see us through, gallantly we carried our crosses with smiles on our face and laughter in our belly’s we made the most of every celebration, we treasured every day and we protected our elders.  We found a new way, a new beginning, a way to blossom to become who we truly are.

We shed layers and layers of old beliefs, we trembled at the consequences of the dreaded, wretched virus, we obeyed all the rules and took responsibility for ourselves and our loved ones and our companies blossomed due our teams work, dedication and believe in our brand culture.  We commenced on building a culture that cares for our fellow human beings, no matter who, what where they are.

Today as I woke up to a new dawn a new beginning, something that this period last year was an impossible vision of the future.  I woke up to take my first step to freedom.  I embraced the day and prepared well.  I relished the sunshine on my face as I walked or literally skipped with joy up the hill to Lords Cricket Ground to receive my first jab.  I gave recognition to myself in the face of all adversity, holding a space for my loved ones, being a voice of positivity and compassion always available for my inner sanitary.  For standing up to the mark in taking responsibility for being the protector.  But I also gave a massive gratitude to my inner circle, who’s support enabled life to be manageable.
I could not understand now we had been so blessed not to be cursed with the virus and for this I was and will ever be internally thankful.
As I sat in the chair and rolled up my sleeve for the first time ever in my life I busted into tears.  I told the kind lady they were tears of freedom, relief, joy and gratitude.  Tears of release, release of the old ways. 
Once she jabbed me, I said without realising do you think you could do it again just to be sure it has gone in probably?  We laughed.
It is only the first step, one jab down, one to go, then incubation period.  But it was a historic moment in my life and the longest journey starts with the first step.

The first spring day on my walk home I felt a sense of freedom, dressed in springtime attire with a new lease of life and a leap in my step.  I came across a cherry tree in full blossom and I stepped back for a few moments to reflect and admire the sun glistening through the pretty pink leaves of the cherry tree.  I embraced the beauty of the tree that represents new beginnings, good fortune and revival.  A symbol of beauty and innocent pleasures and appreciation of the brief time we share together on this planet with our loved ones. 
Which was perfect summary of my pre-jabbed days.  And now it is time to commence the long journey of the above.  So enthralled we made it to the other end.

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