Energy & Light Ladies Latin Dance Shoes

Designed by Dasha Chesnokova

Dasha Chesnokova Designer and Global Ambassador Anita Flavina Dance Shoes

In the past, I was very curious about how dance shoes were made. Now that I design Anita Flavina Dance Shoes, it is interesting and amazing to understand the technical details and how dance shoes with the best construction and attention to detail can enhance your dancing. For me as a dancer I can provide my very own understanding and experience into the design of the shoes which is of benefit to all dancers, combined with our 4th generation Italian dance shoe artisans. You will certainly feel the difference.

ENERGY Satin Available to order now

I would like you to feel my energy in the shoes I have created in order to help you in your dancing; I believe that the energy that you put into something, is the energy that you get out of it. I also wanted to make my designs beautiful, as I like everything to be aesthetically pleasing; this makes me happy! it is vital to be able to have the freedom to design the perfect dance shoes, not only suitable for me, but for everyone. The most important thing is to feel good within yourself, then everything else flows. I feel good to design dance shoes that everybody will feel good in, encouraging them to achieve their very best dancing abilities. Dancing is energy and expression. To express yourself, everything else should be easy and help you to feel great, enabling you to dance your very best.

LIGHT Bronze Leather Designed by Dasha for Anita Flavina Dance Shoes

The first dance shoe that I have designed, I named ENERGY. Everything you do — especially as a dancer — you give your upmost energy to. I also put my energy into my designs at Anita Flavina Dance Shoes, so the name seemed very fitting.

ENERGY Ladies Latin Anita Flavina Dance Shoes

Dance great in Anita Flavina Dance Shoes; dance like you have never danced before! Dance is energy, everything we do is energy, so I see this as a good gift, from me to you to feel both yours and my energy when you wear our dance shoes. The process of the design making and creating is to give you the confidence, stability and comfort to release your energy; you can focus on your dance and become who you truly are. It brings me joy knowing that my energy is with you when you slip on my designs.

Imagine if every dancer in the world had the perfect dance shoes: the good fit for their balance, stability and beauty, which makes their feet look beautiful; wow! it would be so amazing.

ENERGY Gold Ladies Latin Dance Shoes

Be your best, always try and dance your best.

Kisses Dasha xxxx

Dasha Chesnokova Designer & Global Ambassador Anita Flavina Dance Shoes

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