Does the shoe fit

Why is Good Dance Shoes Essential?

Does Your Dance Shoes Fit Correctly?

Dance shoes are the connection between the dancer’s body and the outside world. 

Beautiful dance shoes make beautiful dancers.

Feet is the foundation for the posture of the bodies, feet are the centre of the skeleton frame. Therefore, dancers need to look after their feet to help prevent physical problems now and later in life and dance to the best of their ability.


The responsibility of dance shoes is to support the dancer with movement, flexibility and technique, which helps prevents injuries now and later on in life, enabling dancers to dance with confidence, in comfort and style.


Anita Flavina’s dance shoes are designed to securely hug the heel of the dancer’s feet.  This means the feet will not slip forward in the shoe, leaving a gap between the heel of the foot of the shoe and the heel of the foot which leaves the feet without any support.  When the heel of the foot is not supported by the heel of the foot of the shoe the feet slip forward putting pressure on the ball of the foot which in turn causes injuries in the body now and later on in life. 


The heel of dance shoes takes the full of weight of a dancer’s body.  Imagine when a dancer is in a high kick their balance totally depends on approximately 1 cm at the bottom of their dance shoe. The positioning of the heel should be in the correct spot on the shoe to balance the body.  The heel is secured strongly to the upper of the shoe so the heel will remain in a straight solid position.


Anita Flavina dance shoes the upper patterns are designed to hug the dancer’s feet and support their feet, straps are positioned correctly so no toes poking through. 

Anita Flavina dance shoes are hand made in Italy by fourth generation dance shoe artisans.  We use the best leathers and materials in the world to ensure dancers experience the best quality and comfort possible.

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