Dance Spotlight: How to Dance with Rob Glover Alyssa Lundgren

“Dance is a very good tool - a medium - to belong” – Boris Charmatz

Last week, we were excited to watch Professional Dancers: Rob Glover and Alyssa Lundgren take over Wondrium with their 25 lesson course ‘How to Dance’.

5 benefits of taking the course:

1. Improve your overall mental and physical health and well-being, including: muscular strength, blood pressure, heart and lung condition, flexibility, balance, memory and mood.

2. Become part of a community: the dance community is diverse and welcomes those of any age, race, gender and religion.

3. Learning from the professionals: being taught by professional dancers whom have great experience starts you off with a good foundation and ensures you do not pick up any bad habits early on.

4. Can practice wherever and whenever suits you: unlike a normal dance class, there is no set time or place; suitable for those with a busy lifestyle.

5. Self-expression: the beauty of dance is that it enables you to express yourself
through movement; it is a form of an artistic outlet.

In ‘How to Dance’ Rob and Alyssa enable you to learn how to dance from the comfort of your home.  As many areas of the world are still in lock down, this is perfect to improve your mental and physical well-being, or just to take up a new hobby! They will take you through it all, including: the history and musicality of dance, body mechanics, partner communications, dance frames, dance specific patterns and even advanced techniques.

Anita Flavina Dance Shoes are proud to sponsor Rob and Alyssa; they can be seen wearing their favourite pairs during the course to help them to dance at their full potential! We would like to offer a 20% discount on our dance shoes to all dancers partaking in this course; please get in touch with us (via socials, our website or email) for the code!

So, where did all begin for Alyssa and Rob?

Alyssa grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia (USA) and always attained a love for science and movement, combined with a passion for dance; she dreamt of becoming a doctor and ballerina! In fact - fast forward - Alyssa ended up graduating university with a BS in Biology, and even managed a medical research lab at the University of Virginia, whilst simultaneously dancing and coaching.  At aged 12, she fell into ballroom and took lessons with her father. By 16, she was teaching and instructing, and has been an instructor ever since! She continues to use her knowledge for body mechanics and movement to her advantage when teaching and dancing.

Rob grew up in Liverpool (UK) and initially dreamt of becoming a footballer or boxer. His dance journey started because of his Nan and Grandad’s country line dancing class! His family would pay him 50p per dance learnt, and quickly, he picked things up.  At a young age - around 10/11 – Rob began teaching with his grandparents.  Once he was 15/16, he was travelling by himself and teaching dance in Finland, Switzerland and Germany! He then joined a youth ballet company and did a tour in Latin and Ballroom shows, all over the world. He
always wanted to move to the States, and was hungry to learn more about the dance, music and performing arts industry.  As well as instructing and dancing, Rob is also a choreographer and performance coach, with many other ventures under his belt.

Alyssa and Rob started dancing together about 5 years ago; originally, they danced West Coast Swing, which is danced to contemporary music and “allows a lot of personal expression and freedom of music”. They are now starting a new journey, dancing a different competitive style of Country Dance!

In creating this detailed course, they have been able to combine their many individual talents. The long list of styles (all included) available on the course is impressive and enables you to really get a feel for your potential speciality. One course-student reviewed the ‘How to Dance’ as a “fun and challenging learning experience” with a 5 star review.

The course is available on:
We wish you all the best on your dancing endeavours; remember to get in touch for your 20% off Anita Flavina Dance Shoes code!


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