In these times of adversity it is important to realise the situation and the times we are in and our dance world is experiencing in relation to Covid 19 Coronavirus.

However it is also a time for us all to reflect and appreciate how far we have come in our world of dance, which consists of a global community that is made up of a multicultural society. It is also a time to give gratitude for the love, support and compassion that is held for one another in our unique community.

We admire the courage of our peers especially, Asia Dance Organisation to cancel four out of five of this years competitions, for the greater good of our world. Our admiration goes out to all the organisers, in which through reading their messages of cancellations, it was apparent how heavy their hearts felt to inform our world they had no choice but to step down, their pain and disappointments far out weighted any ramifications of the situation.

We are sending the energy of love and compassion to all dancers all over the world at this time. For many their lives, their passions and their lively hoods are on hold. Many dancers have been unable to continue to teach, to work, to practice in a studio or to dance for leisure in a place of social gathering during these times. Also many have not been fortunate enough to return to their native homes to be supported and surrounded by their families due to government or airline regulations that is for the greater good of all.

As this effects all of us on a commercial level however we draw comfort from the support, love and care we have for and from each other in order to grow an even stronger compassionate and developing community for a better future.

Hard times do not last, good people do.

Lets use this time to embrace and truly discover and treasure what we have and who we are. Let’s use this time to bathe and relish in how privileged we are to be part of a unique world in our multicultural, global community that supports, holds space for one another. Let’s use this time to practice and prepare for a refreshed world of dance in the timing of the divine.

In this topsy turvy world of today we celebrate our divine self power and belief in each other. We stand united with compassion and love in our hearts to support and guide each other no matter what our stories are or the challenges of our journeys.

In these recent times I have been so touched and touched the hearts of others with expressions of caring and love which spreads across the world. In these times let’s spread compassion, support and love far quicker than any virus or negativity can comprehend.

I thank my circle of support and I give great appreciation to all the divine people in this world that give us a platform to be who we really are.

Anita Flavina will continue to operate at this time and our shoes will continue to be available to order online.

Please keep safe and I will be in touch again soon.

Much love,
Anita  xxx

Anita Flavin
Founder and CEO
Anita Flavina Dance Shoes