Announcing Ambassadors and Agents for Hong Kong and China

Welcome to our new Professional Latin Dance Ambassadors and Agents for Hong Kong and China:

Stefano Moriondo and Dasha Glukhova, who are proud to represent the excellence of Stefano’s country Italy, both as professional dancers, and now as Anita Flavina Italian Dance Shoe Brand Ambassadors and Agents for Hong Kong & China.

Stefano and Dasha started their dance journeys at the tender ages of six and seven. Stefano in the beautiful landscape of his hometown in Turin (Italy), prior moving to Hong Kong to continue his dance career. It was somewhat unusual for a boy from this Italian city to take up dancing instead of football as the years passed Stefano found dancing more and more interesting keeping moving up the ranks as an amateur first and as a professional later.

In Moscow, Dasha’s Grandmother took her to dance lessons as a young child. Dasha learnt both ballroom and Latin; as a child she was actually stronger in ballroom. However, having a petite body frame, she felt that Latin was more suitable for her competitive dancing and would lead to more opportunities for partnering.  

Both seeking for a new dance partnership, they made no delay in arranging for a try out together.

This turned out to be the beginning of an eventful journey of destiny and dance, in which they became Mr & Mrs. United in discovering a life of adventure, glory, pain, glamour, hard-work, victory and defeat together, in which the hardest times would lead to the most loving moments and appreciation. 

Their greatest achievements over the last six years are:

  • 2015 UK PRO LATIN Rising star Champions
  • 2016 UK OPEN LATIN Semi-finalists
  • 2016 EUROPEAN PRO LATIN Finalists
  • 2016 WORLD PRO LATIN Semi-finalists

We are deeply gratified and truly blessed to have such an amazing couple on our team. I knew the first day I met them - at Dance Amore in Rome - in time Stefano Moriondo and Dasha Glukhova would one day join the team of pioneers for the future of Anita Flavina. 

We wish them every success for their future, especially when our new world of dance commences. 

All enquires for customer sales and studio connections call:
Stefano Moriondo: +852 56649915
Dasha Glukhova +852 56649915
Stefano & Dasha Hong Kong Number: +852 56649915
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Photo Courtesy of Andylam

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