U.K International Dance Championships

by Anita Flavin
U.K International Dance Championships

Dancers Life ~ Bournemouth UK International Championships 

Being a luxury dance shoe designer I often have the fortunate privilege to travel the world and meet dance people from many different countries and backgrounds and across many different dance genres.  Last month was no exception, when the opportunity arose to watch our friends compete in the UK International Championships at Bournemouth, BIC. During our trip to Bournemouth we stayed at the cottages of the Marriott Hotel overlooking the English Channel, the UK version of the French Riviera.

Thankfully it wasn't all work and we did have the opportunity to mix business with pleasure. Hampshire and Dorset is very close to my heart as I spent a large portion of my childhood and early teenage years in this part of England. I relived the old times and took a trip down memory lane, revisiting the breathtaking coast line which I hadn't seen in years and forgot how beautiful it was.

We had great weather, the sun was shining but with a crispness in the air, which I suppose isn't unusual for this time of year. In the evenings we met and dined with dance friends and watched the spectacular performances at the Bournemouth BIC as dancers competed for the UK International Dance Championships.

When dancers step onto the floor to perform it takes my breathe away. What seems easy is anything but it. Having worked with dancers to design and perfect what we believe is now the best dance shoe range in the market I appreciate the constant dedication, commitment and hard work that is required to perfect this art form. We all chose different paths in life, some dancers were born to dance, with other dancers entering the dance world through circumstances and to escape the limitations life has imposed on them. None the less whatever the reasons if a dancer wishes to excel and develop this talent it requires constant hard work, commitment and the proper dance footwear.

Anita Flavina Dance Footwear is handmade in Italy using only the finest materials and craftsmanship to deliver an exceptional dance shoe range that offers ultimate performance and comfort to those serious about dance. For more information on our dance shoe collection please visit the pages below:

It is always a real joy for me when dancers choose Anita Flavina Dance Shoes and experience at first hand the difference a great dance shoe can make. At Bournemouth we had the pleasure of new dancers Serena Yang Liu & Nicholas and Matteo Cossu & Dasha wearing our shoes. They were introduced to us by Carolina Tan from Cimen and we are delighted that they believe in Anita Flavina and our vision to be the world's best luxury dance shoe brand. It's also equally gratifying when we have the opportunity to meet up and listen to their stories and challenges and through our convictions become friends.

If you would like to contact me, I can be reached at anita@anitaflavina.com or alternatively you can contact me at any of the social profiles associated with my bio directly below. Thanks! 

By: Anita Flavin

Co-Founder and CEO of Anita Flavina

Dance and Fashion Shoes. Hand Made in Italy. Latin, Ballroom and Social Dance.


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