Anita Flavina Dance Shoes

Anita Flavina Dance Shoes

The world of dance has always been a united international community and especially during these difficult times to feel and experience that compassion, support and love is something moving and special. Anita Flavina Dance Shoes wants to share the beauty and majesty of dance throughout the world.

Over the coming months we will continue to update our website, to celebrate dance and get an insight into the life of professional dancers, checking through our archives and enjoying special memories and moments to keep us going and moving forward.

We have been developing new performance led dance shoes with our Evangelist Annalisa Di Filippo and our soon to be announced brand Evangelists. This has involved two years of testing, modifying to perfection the technical aspects of each shoe. We are extremely excited for this venture and look forward to launching the new collections to the dance world. As well as focusing on the technical aspects to create the perfect performance led dance shoe, they all feature a strong fashion emphasis. The collection is hand made in Italy and will showcase a brand new concept in dance shoes.

Annalisa Di Filippo and Anita Flavina Dance Shoes has been working on new dance shoes designs

Once lock down is over, we will travel with Annalisa Di Filippo and our team of brand Evangelists covering all the exciting news and events of the dance world.

Anita Flavina Dance Shoes has used this time creating new strategies for the future. An integral part of this has been reaching out to dancers to lift their spirits, offering a 70% discount as we know that many dancers derive their income from studio teaching and competition prize money. Being away from friends and family brings its own trials and tribulations and for this we have gifted dance shoes to those in need.

Anita Flavina Dance Shoes is a premium dance shoe brand with a life style and social vision. We believe in uniting together and sharing the love of dance in new ways while preparing for the future when we will all return to the dance floor.

Anita Flavina Dance Shoes the premium dance shoes brand with a life style and social vision

Anita Flavina Dance Shoes welcomes feedback and reviews of our Latin, Ballroom and Social Dance Shoes, from this we can move forward in developing our dance shoe collections.

Soon we are introducing our Anita Flavina Dance Shoes Premier Membership which will allow us to develop our dancer’s community and share your adventures in the world of dance.

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