I am so proud to announce the new Andra T Ladies Latin dance shoes from Anita Flavina.
The wonderful Anita Flavina Dance Shoes and I have been working on something super-duper special for me and as it turns out for you!
Andra T Ladies Latin dance shoes is a model Anita Flavina and I created for me to feel good in these shoes and to make sure all of you girls feel great as well.
What did we do that is so special?

The Arch:
The most important aspect for me, for dance shoes is the arch.
When we point our feet, we want our Latin dance shoes to be in perfect alignment with our feet.
Sometimes when we point our feet there is a little hole that forms on the arch of our foot. So, as Iam pointing my foot if there is some space it does not look good, especially for the competitions. In
the Andra T dance shoes model, we have modified the arch to fit in perfect alignment with the foot.
I have to say from both sides the front and the back of the arch of the feet in Andra T do not have a hole. This is thanks to the super flexible high arch that has been added to the Andra T Ladies Latin dance shoes.

The Heel:
I have been really looking for a heel that feels good and looks good. I like a slim heel that is pleasing
to the eye. However, the heel of the dance shoe must also be strong and positioned in the correct
place to support my body. Working with Anita Flavina we have created my perfect heel.

The Point:
Another point I find amazing in the Andra T Ladies Latin Dance shoe and you girls will recognise it.
The fact I can point my foot so much more than before, this is thanks to this added super stretchy
elastic which attaches the buckle to the dance shoe.
Every time I want to point my foot, I have so much more flexibility and freedom in the movement of
my feet. This is absolutely life changing for me.

The Upper Pattern:
Anita Flavina and I have resolved the problem many girls have with their toes sticking out of the shoes. We have positioned the straps in total alignment to the toes and the feet. We have also placed the upper pattern in precision with the foot and toes to secure the feet and toes and to make the feet look pleasing to the eye so there is not too much toe exposure and enables your feet to perform to the best of their ability. In general, I find this look much better when the upper is slightly nearer the end of the feet.

I promise you I received the Andra T two days prior to making the videos for the announcement preparations. I danced in the Andra T twice and I want you to experience and feel how flexible these shoes are. I can flex the Andra T both directions and actually from the first time I put them on I was able to feel the flexibility in them.

The Andra T-bar strap has been positioned slightly lower down the feet which results in a smaller looking foot and a longer looking leg. By placing the T-bar slightly lower we achieve a tinier looking
foot which I like.

Why will you never feel you have to break these dance shoes in?
It is because honestly, I can say the actual insole part is so soft and spongy it is like heaven for your feet. I wish you could feel and touch it. It feels like you are dancing in slippers.

I am so excited about Anita Flavina Dance Shoes. I cannot wait for you to see me dancing in these shoes and I cannot wait to see YOU dancing in these amazing new shoes created by me and Anita Flavina.

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