Your Guide to Buying Ladies Latin Dance Shoes: 5 Top Tips

When shopping for dance shoes, it can be difficult to establish where to even begin. Our top tips will have you feeling like a dance shoe expert in no time!



  1. Carefully study size guides

Choosing the correct size is extremely important; your dance shoes should perfectly envelop the shape of your foot. Depending on the manufacturer/where they are made, your shoe size may appear different. For example, when purchasing a pair of ‘Energy Ladies Latin Dance Shoes’, which are handmade in Italy, we encourage you to order a size below your everyday shoe size.



  1. Understand the importance of alignment

It is vital that the proportion to the heel of the foot of the shoe is in alignment with the heel of your feet. Is this mentioned? If not, perhaps ask someone. This helps to avoid injuries by preventing your heels slipping forward and putting pressure on the balls of your feet. Purchasing shoes that work with your feet to prevent injuries? Hugely beneficial.



  1. Consider which style suits you

Firstly, let’s think about heel-height. Are you more confident in a lower heel to maintain stability or do you thrive showing off your technique with height? Are your desired shoes suitable for your wide/narrow feet? Which materials do they possess? For example, leather linings and insoles allow your feet to breathe, therefore are ideal to avoid sweaty feet & foot odour. There are other factors to consider, such as: open or closed toe, colour, how straps are attached etc. Good quality dance shoes are designed to be stable – no matter the style - so these choices are more about your personal preference! The more they flatter your feet, the better you will feel.



  1. Inspiration: read reviews, look on social media & speak to peers

Dance shoe reviews will give you an insight into the experience you will receive in your desired pair. This could especially help you decide if you are battling between 2/more pairs. For example, a review may mention “excellent balance”, which could perhaps be something you are specifically looking for. Which styles are your favourite dancers’ wearing? Check their Instagram tags. And how about your peers? A great thing about the dance world is the community within it; use that to your advantage!



  1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Dance shoes are an investment; we are always more than happy to assist you every step of the way! There is no such thing as a stupid question; it is better to ask and get the correct shoes rather than having to return/exchange. That being said, if you receive your shoes and you are not happy with the fit, don’t suffer in silence! It is important to dance in a pair that is right for you. At Anita Flavina Dance Shoes, we love speaking with and helping dancers; it’s what we do!



We hope that you now have the tips & tools to chassé towards delighted dance feet. Happy shopping!

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