Enter the World of Anita Flavina

Enter the World of Anita Flavina

Anita Flavina dance shoes are hand crafted in Italy originally for social and professional dancers. For Anita Flavina there are no boundaries, she devised a dance shoe with a difference, which results in a shoe collection of masterpieces that extend far beyond the dance floor and into the outside environment, to embrace their rightful place as gorgeous luxury fashion shoes.

Anita’s creative flair replaced the dance shoes buffalo sole with a thin leather sole which does not sacrifice the shoes grip on the dance floor and maintains the connection of the dancers feet to the feet of the floor to enhance their rhythm and flow of movement.

Anita Flavina dance shoes leather insoles consists of cushioning and padding which varies in depths at different positions of the feet to ensure maximum flexibility and ultimate comfort. This has resulted in Anita Flavina shoes being widely acclaimed as the most comfortable shoes ever worn by professional and social dancers. Anita Flavina dance shoes extends this offering not only to dancers but to every woman who relishes comfort and style.

Female ballroom dancer with legs up showing off her Anita Flavina Ballroom Dance shoes to a Male Dancer

Discover the luxury of Anita Flavina. 

Female ballroom dancer with legs on table with a male dancer

Whether you are a dancer or a fashionsita invoke Anita Flavina to meet your needs in luxury shoes that were made for stepping out and if you wish onto the dance floor. 

Female ballroom dancer laying on her back with legs in the air showing off anita flavina dancer shoes

Feminine dance footwear to accompany you all day and night in every situation.


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