The UK’s Return to Dance

The Ice Ball 2019 at Chelsea Town Hall, Michetti Studio photography

At 00:00 this Monday in the UK, ‘Freedom Day’ was upon us and all Covid restrictions were lifted. Amongst other things, this means unlimited gatherings & capacities, mask-wear is optional and clubs are back open. Dance competitions, shows and socials green lighted & unrestricted. To some, this is a dream. To others, it feels like a nightmare. Due to the rise in cases, this controversial move has sparked a widespread national debate.

In the dance industry, every single individual has been affected in some way due to the
pandemic. With this week signalling the start of the return to dance, I spoke to some
members of the dance world to see what their thoughts were regarding this.

“it’s been super exciting to be back on the dance floor this week doing what we all love to do. As most people have been vaccinated, I feel confident and safe returning to the dancefloor without restrictions. Excited to be back and eager to be competing again!”
Jennifer Kilheeney - Senior 1 / Pro-Am competitor

“I am feeling positive about moving forward after 16 months of restrictions, but
slightly nervous and worried about everyone's safety. Safety has to be our no1
priority when teaching and coaching, and of course organising our event 'The Ice Ball Competition', which will hopefully take place on the 27th Nov 2021 at the Chelsea Old Town Hall in London.”
Martina Kornett-Burton - Professional Ballroom Dancer, Coach, Choreographer & Adjudicator / The Ice Ball London Organiser
The Ice Ball, Saturday 27th November 2021 at Chelsea Town Hall
“We have been excited for the first week without restrictions to arrive as it signals the opportunity to dance again in large venues in front of a live audience. Nothing can compare to the atmosphere of performing in front of a live audience; and having that denied to us for such a long time makes us realise how valuable that is. We hope that from now it will be an exciting time to be a ballroom competitor again.”
Stephen & Yasmin Arnold - Professional Ballroom Dancers & Managers of
Capital Dance School

“Back to dance in normal conditions has been so liberating. You don’t realise how much you love something until it has been taken away. To move and touch and feel - connecting with your partner and the music - the passion to express via dance never goes away…but has come back stronger…”
Jane Karczewski - Pro-Am Dancer

Alt text: Jane Karczewski & Nauris Kalva practicing

It’s lovely to feel the well-deserved excitement and anticipation amongst the
community. No matter your opinion on the lifting of restrictions, I’m sure we all share
the same delight in seeing dancers back to what they do best.

Here at Anita Flavina Dance Shoes, we passionately wish everyone the best of luck with their return to dance, and long may it last!

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