An elegant edited collection of Italian-made men’s dance shoes for ballroom dancers who value quality, comfort and Italian vogue styling.

Anita Flavina identified a void in the international dance market for men’s ballroom dance shoes that are both wearable and comfortable for long hours at a time especially on competition days and you still will dance in all your glory.  You can step onto and off the dance floor in fabulous Italian designer quality providing the ultimate in comfort, flexibility, stability and style.

 Are you tired of sore dance feet?  Are you seeking comfort, stability and style?

If your answer is yes then look no further. 

Gone are the days of uncomfortable dance feet after many hours on the dance floor.

Anita Flavina’s new men’s ballroom collections, you will find new advanced concepts in the design and comfort of our shoes.  These mainly lie in the technical advancements we have made in the insoles and cushioning of the dance shoes.’

 Your feet will rest on a luxurious unique double layer cushioning that provides you with the ultimate comfort and support, whilst providing maximum flexibility for your feet.  One layer of cushioning is for comfort and the other layer is for shock absorption. You will still be able to feel the floor and our shoes are super light on your feet.

In addition to the timeless and streamlined looks 100% leather uppers, insoles and linings (which helps prevent foot odour) with thoughtful touches that set the handmade in Italy dance shoes apart, including cotton twill laces, which ensures the laces do not snap, cushioned tongue of the shoe for comfort.  All of this is the ultimate result of comfort, stability and style without being precious and is absolutely versatile for a high-styled dancing man.

Sharing the thrill of offering comfort, stability and style that has a uniqueness, finesse and bringing them directly to you at fair prices is what inspires us.

A great pair of dance shoes does not make the dancer, but a dancer who wants to reach their goals will certainly wish to wear a fabulous pair of comfortable and stylish dance shoes. 

So, freshen up your footwear collection for the season by shopping an elegant edited collection of Italian-made comfortable dance shoes for the dancers who value quality and Italian vogue styling and desire to feel comfortable and look their best on the dance floor.

Anita Flavina dance shoes are able to offer the collections at lower rates as they are sold directly to dancers.

Thanks to a 25-year-long career in high end luxury footwear, Anita has the industry contacts, the business savvy, and the design eye to launch Anita Flavina’s new Ballroom Collections.

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