Blackpool Diaries

This year Anita Flavina Dance Shoes exhibited in The Horse Shoe Pavilion at the Winter Gardens where we received an amazing welcome from all that visited our stand new and existing customers. We thank you for your time and enthusiasm for our brand and extend a warm hearted welcome to the world of Anita Flavina Dance Shoes ~ Hand Made in Italy!

Our preparations and organisation for Blackpool is full on especially as this year it was our first year to exhibit at The Winter Gardens, the design and making of our bespoke stand which attracted so many dancers really did reflect the quality and ethos of our brand and portrayed our brand message of authentic luxury Italian design. Of cause our beautiful ambassador Annalisa Di Filippo was the highlight of the design of our stand which her vogue fine art photography welcomed so many new customers to us. 

As always at Blackpool the evening events are filled with show stopper glamour of the dance social world and a fantastic opportunity to catch up with friends and form new acquaintances. This year was no exception we were honored to be invited to the annual Winter Gardens Gala Ball the evening was a spectacular array of glitz infused with fun and laughter. The many showcases that performed was a true attribute to the dedication and hard work of the pro am performers and their teachers. The energy they put into this and performing at the dinner which is the heartbeat of the dance world takes such tremendous courage and faith from the dancers and to watch them was a truly glorious experience. I did spot a few dancers had chosen to step out in Anita Flavina Dance Shoes which of course brought a great smile to my face.


The next evening followed quickly with The Competitors Commission Fundraiser and is also my favourite event of Blackpool Dance Festival, as it is a cause that I am extremely passionate about. The hard work and commitment of Arunas, Michael and their committee really does endorse my faith in human nature and for acknowledging justice and equality in the world of dance. This year we enjoyed an wonderful evening of entertainment by the worlds top champion dancers which was admirable when you consider the dancers are here to compete in their life time dreams and ambitious, however they still unite as one to support democracy and fairness amongst their comrades. I wish to take this opportunity to wish the Competitors Commission every success in the future and you have our support in all your endeavour.

Then came the announcement of the sad news, but happy beginnings for the retirement of Arunas and Katusha. Their journey has been instrumental in the world of ballroom dance and when they dance this stir emotions inside of the soul of the spectator. All good things must come to an end in order for the world to evolve and I wish them from the bottom of my heart good tidings for their journeys ahead.

Many evenings were filled watching the competitive dancing and socialising with friends. The dance team match as always was great fun.

The Latin final was once again absolutely amazing to see the dedication that is put into dancers achieving their goals. Being from a fashion back round I am always intrigued to see the vogue element on the dance floor. I can honestly say Michael Chen you are to dance what Yves Saint Lauren was to fashion. An absolute ambassador of fashion for dance with your amazing vogue creations that rocked the Empress Ballroom worn by the great dance goddess Dasha Chesnokova.

On the evenings that were not dance orientated it was a fabulous opportunity to relax in good company with a negroni or two in some pleasant restaurants one being The Beach House overlooking the sea the ambience and tranquility after a hectic day at the exhibition was most exhilarating.   

After two successful and exhilarating weeks in Blackpool it is back to London and following up on all our contacts. We would like to offer a massive heart felt thank you to each and everyone we met on our journey and we look forward to meeting again soon.

Please contact us for any information and if you would like to be part of our dance school membership program for special discounts and collaboration we would love to hear from you.  


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