Annalisa Di Filippo - Anita Flavina Dance Shoes

by Anita Flavin

Annalisa Di Filippo - New Face of Anita Flavina Dance Shoes

Annalisa Di Filipppo is the new face of Anita Flavina Dance Shoes. Professional Dancer, Dance Teacher and International Adjudicator she has many arrows to her artistic arch and is at the head of the new generation that makes its voice heard with dignity and respect. She ardently supports various causes with in the world of dance in Italy and Asia and has recently launched Dance Amore and the Di Filippo Academy. Her multi-faceted artistic career is guided by her choices.

Annalisa’s glamour embodies the essence of the Anita Flavina Dancers and makes her the perfect protagonist for Lux Collection. Known for her Italian exquisite demeanour, sparkling personality and impeccable red carpet style, Annalisa Di Filippo is the iconic face of Anita Flavina Dance Shoes. 

Based on the Anita Flavina Dance Shoes Lux collection, editorial story shows Annalisa waking up in a dream state mesmerised by Anita Flavina Dance Shoes, in her suite at Hotel Parco Dei Principi as she prepares to spend a night of adventures in Rome.

Whilst caressing and embracing the Lux collection, she decides to venture to the ballroom to ensure the collection is real and dances with confidence wearing, Adventure style practice dance shoes in fine soft leopard print leather.

The editorial service that takes advantage of the shots by the Italian Photographers Luca and Matteo Michetti, which in fitting with our luxury Italian concept they have curated an innovative fine art photography selection of photos, which illustrates the different moments of Annalisa’s Sunday afternoon/evening, from the crucial preparation to the practising and the party atmosphere, leading up to a bewitching meeting. With the Rome skyline in the background, Annalisa sports the key luxury models Disco, Adventure, Avant Garde, Odsessy and Cameron.

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By: Anita Flavin

Co-Founder and CEO of Anita Flavina

Dance and Fashion Shoes. Hand Made in Italy. Latin, Ballroom and Social Dance.


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