A New Take on Ballroom Shoes


A lovingly edited collection of Italian-made dance shoes for the busy ballroom dancer who values quality, comfort and Italian vogue styling.

Anita Flavina new ladies’ ballroom shoes collection is the realization of a dream to bring hand crafted dance shoes that are both wearable for long hours of dancing and femineity to dancers who we know will appreciate them.


Are you inspired by the uniqueness of comfort, stability and style of handcrafted dance shoes from Italy?

If you like to spot a gem across a crowded dance floor then welcome to Anita Flavina distinctive Italian hand-crafted ballroom shoes, that fit your style, polish your look, and enhance your dance.

Anita Flavina’s beautiful Italian hand-crafted ladies’ ballroom dance shoes are for confident dancers who have real style – and impressive dancing to do.  These are for women who want to dance to the best of their ability and know that good quality, taste and comfort is in the hand crafting of their dance shoes.

Our ballroom shoes are shaped to provide maximum coverage on your feet whilst experiencing an upgrade of elegance and style.  The satin upper consists of a stretch material which will enhance your glide across the dance floor.  We chose to underline this with a protective material to ensure you maintain the structure and durability of these ballroom dance shoes.

Are you tired of sore dance feet?  Are you seeking comfort, stability and style?

If your answer is yes then look no further. 

Sharing the thrill of offering comfort, stability and style that has a uniqueness, finesse and bringing them directly to you at fair prices is what inspires us.

Your feet will rest on a luxurious unique double layer cushioning that provides you with the ultimate comfort and support, whilst providing maximum flexibility for your feet.  One layer of cushioning is for comfort and the other layer is for shock absorption. You will still be able to feel the floor and our shoes are super light on your feet. This concept is a new invention for ladies’ ballroom shoes.

Every ballroom dancer that has tried our new ballroom dance shoes has commented that the heel stability is second to none.  The feedback for this has been incredible. 

Gone are the days of uncomfortable dance feet after many hours on the dance floor.

A great pair of dance shoes does not make the dancer, but a dancer who wants to reach their goals will certainly wish to wear a fabulous pair of comfortable and stylish dance shoes. 

So, freshen up your footwear collection for the season by shopping a lovingly edited collection of Italian-made comfortable dance shoes for the dancers who value quality and Italian vogue styling and desire to feel comfortable and look their best on the dance floor.

Step onto the dance floor with our ladies’ ballroom dance shoes that bring personality to your dance footwear.  I hope you enjoy these special styles as much as I do.

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