A Beginner's Guide: 4 Top Tips for Dancing into the New Year

Is your New Year’s Resolution to take up dancing in 2022?

With a range of mental and physical health benefits, dance is the perfect sport to simultaneously have fun and get fit. We have some top tips to get you taking those first steps in no time!

 1. Consider which style of dance you want to pursue.

When deciding to get into dance, you may want to consider which style to divulge into. A few things to think about include: your physical ability, age, desired outcome and inspirations. Is your body suited for a samba or a waltz? Are you looking to dance competitively? For fun or fitness? Which dance initially inspired you? If you are still unsure, test the waters until you find your fit; have fun with it!

 2. Get the correct professional dance shoes.

Your feet are the focal point of any dance; they need to be looked after. Ensuring that you choose the correct size, heel-height and style can be the difference between a step in the right direction and an injury. For ladies dance shoes, starting off with a low heel-height is recommended. Regardless of gender, the correct fit is vital. Some dance shoes are sized differently to others, so make sure you do your research and ask questions. Lastly, match your style of dance to the style of shoe; they are different for a reason! If you are dancing ballroom, search for the best ballroom dance shoes.

3. Find the right teacher for you.

To feel comfortable and confident, you need to be dancing with the correct teacher. Firstly, consider travel. We recommend researching teachers within your local area to ensure you can consistently stay motivated. When researching, find out a bit about them & the studios’ background; is the studio approved? if you can’t find the information: ask! Of course, you must consider your personal price range and if what you are willing to spend matches up with their fees. You can always try teachers out: most studios will offer free or discounted introductory lessons.

At Anita Flavina Dance Shoes, we work with Professional Dance Teachers globally; if you wish for any recommendations please do contact us.

4. Enjoy yourself!

At the end of the day, dance is about letting loose and enjoying yourself. Don’t overthink it; even Professional Dancers have had to start somewhere! Trust the process and allow yourself to learn more about the capability and mechanics of your own body…you might just surprise yourself.

With patience, resilience, and passion, it is never too late to take up dancing.

Ruby Sullivan

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