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The journey of my life constantly captures peoples attention and they are intrigued to know how I did I become a ladies shoe designer, what does my life as a designer of shoes for women involve, where do I take myself on my travels to pursue my love of Italian ladies shoes.  I have always found people love listening to my stories of situations I find myself in. I guess part of this is because I travel to places that are off the beaten track. Alternatively when on the beaten track, I some how ,sometimes manage a total diversion.  Also I find people are fascinated to know how and where I seek my inspirations and aspirations.   

As I am in the process of launching my designer shoes for women brand Anita Flavina made for ‘Women of Passion, Power and Substance I believe now is the perfect time to commence my blog.

The aim of my blog is to share my journey and love of shoes for women with you, by creating a space where we can connect and communicate.  As you will come to understand during our time together, I always have so much to share with others.

However I would love for you to put forward any suggestions or topics you would like me to share and discuss.  Often young people starting out will seek my career advice, especially if they wish to become a ladies shoe designer, alternatively women ask me for fashion, styling tips.  As I am well travelled in the pursuit of inspiration for womens designer shoes I am often asked for recommendations on destinations, or places of interest .  Those of you that know me know I have a great passion of food and wine this includes visiting restaurants tasting the local cuisine when I am travelling.  I also partake in many fashion events.  

I believe inspirations come to me and I can only make decisions when my mind is calm and clear. This philosophy as led me to find great solace in reiki, mediation and yoga, hence this has lead to many of my ‘Anitarisms’ which you will see and I hope enjoy on my blog.  As I design shoes for women for all of you reading my blog, it is important for me, in this precious space, that I have made for us to share, that you put forward suggestions of what you would like to see in Anita Flavina designer shoes collection.    

For me, it is my wish to create a platform where women of passion, power and substance from all over the world can connect, be inspired by each other and unite in our paths ahead.  It is my intention to achieve this by sharing inspirational interviews and videos which emphasizes how we can together, encourage each other to reach our true potential in life.  I will also interview different inspirational women or men that are inspired by women on a regular basis, so we can spread our passion, power and substance.

I would love to know your thoughts on my blog and Anita Flavina luxury shoes for women collections and welcome any suggestions, questions or feedback you may have.  

You are welcome to contact me on the space provided on this blog or alternatively if you wish to contact me privately please e-mail me on 



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Designer Evening Shoes in Honour of Franca Sozzani

Designer Evening Shoes in Honour of Franca Sozzani


In celebration of the launch of Anita Flavina I wished to create signature ladies designer pumps that are a true reflection of Italian authenticity and craftsmanship.

For me the most natural way to achieve this was to design pumps in honour of my heroine, Franca Sozzani the legendary Italian Vogue editor-in-chief, as for me she was the epitome of fashion.

Franca was for me a great woman of passion, power and substance.  A real women that supported other women, whose name, colour or creed did not matter she was able to speak and act out of her pure heartfelt manor.  Franca’s pioneering ventures and riske projects paved the way for so many in this world of fashion. She believed in helping those less fortunate than herself and she was a great advocate for Italian fashion. I am so sad that in the last year Franca's health suffered and sadly before Christmas she passed away.   

For me when I designed Anita Flavina signature pumps in honour of Franca I visualised Franca stepping out of a chauffeur driven car at a red carpet fashion event sporting her Franca pumps.  I could see Franca showcasing an elegant silhouette of black diamontes evening shoes, which would have been carefully applied by hand to each individual pump.  I felt is was essential to ensure that my outstanding designer high heels would be comfortable and flattering to the shape of her feet.

I am so sad that Franca will never have the opportunity to wear the pumps I designed in her honour.  But I feel assured that every woman that chooses to step out in Franca I am sure will share Franca’s passionate and powerful spirit which was full of substance.

Franca is available to buy at;

I would love for Franca to become a signature style in Anita Flavina ladies designer pumps collections. For this reason I would like to know what other colours would you love to step out with Franca in?

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Introduction to Anita Flavin Ladies Shoe Collection

Introduction to Anita Flavin Ladies Shoe Collection

This summer I have felt the time is right for me to transform, step into my own power, to create and take ownership of my own brand ladies luxury footwear brand, Anita Flavina, for ‘Women of Passion, Power and Substance’.

Anita Flavina is the Italian pronunciation of my name Anita Flavin I believe this name is a true representation of everything that my brand reflects.  Thank you Mum and Dad for my name!  
I have been part of the luxury and fashion world for over twenty five years, for the last ten years I have worked out of Italy on footwear labels, throughout my journey I have become well established,respected and made many friends within the Italian footwear cartel.  My new brand Anita Flavina is a reflection of Italian craftsmanship and authenticity, we use only the best materials and accessory houses from the exquisite ladies shoe making region of Italy, Le Marche.

Anita Flavina will have a really personal feel and I welcome all of you to connect and embrace with me and I will relish you becoming part of my new adventure.  For this reason I have decided to create this precious platform on my website and social media enabling you to touch and feel and become part of my luxury brand.  

By creating Anita Flavina this has allowed me the perfect opportunity to represent the quality of my design philosophy and enabling me to present the collections in their righteous place among the crème dell a crème of shoe heaven.

For me, I feel that at long last, after many years of hard work and determination, I am gratified to be in a position to enable women of passion, power and substance to reap the rewards of what you installed in me during a path of identifying my true potential, I am able to fulfill the desire of every woman to embrace her empowerment and elegance by steppingout in my designs.


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