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My Love Affair with Le Marche

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My Love Affair with Le Marche

My love affair with Le Marche began many, many moons ago.  I have been visiting this region of Italy for over a decade in my quest to source and work with Italian artisans to craft my ladies footwear and men’s and ladies dance shoes collections.  Over the years I have come to realise that part of my heart belongs to this authentic Italian region it is a home away from home that I regard as a safe haven for me, a place that I know I will always find great solace.

Le Marche

Le Marche is enriched with natural beauty whether it be the rolling hills with fields of sunflowers and the finest Italian vine yards or the coast line which is home to the peaceful, playful and at times wild Adriatic sea or the medieval towns and cities which consist of traditional squares,buildings, churches and theatre’s steeped in local history each with their own story to tell.  To me Marche is a luxury footwear designers paradise.  However one of the most striking aspects about this region is the welcome and warmth of the people that live here.

Porto Civitanova

Over the years nearly everyone I have worked with in Le Marche on my footwear collections I have created a special bond with and our friendships remain strong.  

Torre Di Palme

The majority of people in Le Marche are artisans, they operate from their hearts.  Their passion is at the forefront of their minds and everything they do evolves from this.  Whatever they do for their lively hood whether it is owing restaurants where the catch of the day is delivered by the local fishermen and the remaining ingredients are from the locality each dish enhances the riches of the region.  

Mescola Civitanova

The beach club owners live and work in harmony with the energy carried by the sea whether at peace, playful or wild.  The shoe artisan’s hand crafting the worlds most exquisite designer shoes their life time experience is literally handed down to the next generation with with precision and delicacy.  Photographers capturing the desire and beauty in everyone and everything to make visible and tell the real story of Italy’s best hidden secret Le Marche. These are to name just a few.  

Authentic Italian Craftsmanship

In today’s world it is rare that a whole region and culture of people live in such an authentic manor.  Work is play and play is work.  This way of living captivates me and urges my creativity to flow which envelops me in an euphoria and cocoons me in love that no matter what is happening I just know step by step I will accomplish my dreams.  Nearly each and every person that I meet here wishes for me to succeed in bringing our designer footwear collections to showcase to the world and spread the love of Le Marche.  

I have been so blessed to be accepted into their community and we have become part of each others lives sharing our journey's together.

Torre di Palme  



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