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Designer Evening Shoes in Honour of Franca Sozzani

Designer Evening Shoes in Honour of Franca Sozzani


In celebration of the launch of Anita Flavina I wished to create signature ladies designer pumps that are a true reflection of Italian authenticity and craftsmanship.

For me the most natural way to achieve this was to design pumps in honour of my heroine, Franca Sozzani the legendary Italian Vogue editor-in-chief, as for me she was the epitome of fashion.

Franca was for me a great woman of passion, power and substance.  A real women that supported other women, whose name, colour or creed did not matter she was able to speak and act out of her pure heartfelt manor.  Franca’s pioneering ventures and riske projects paved the way for so many in this world of fashion. She believed in helping those less fortunate than herself and she was a great advocate for Italian fashion. I am so sad that in the last year Franca's health suffered and sadly before Christmas she passed away.   

For me when I designed Anita Flavina signature pumps in honour of Franca I visualised Franca stepping out of a chauffeur driven car at a red carpet fashion event sporting her Franca pumps.  I could see Franca showcasing an elegant silhouette of black diamontes evening shoes, which would have been carefully applied by hand to each individual pump.  I felt is was essential to ensure that my outstanding designer high heels would be comfortable and flattering to the shape of her feet.

I am so sad that Franca will never have the opportunity to wear the pumps I designed in her honour.  But I feel assured that every woman that chooses to step out in Franca I am sure will share Franca’s passionate and powerful spirit which was full of substance.

Franca is available to buy at;

I would love for Franca to become a signature style in Anita Flavina ladies designer pumps collections. For this reason I would like to know what other colours would you love to step out with Franca in?

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