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I design my Italian ladies shoes for women of passion, power and substance.  For me she  exists in each and every woman on this planet.  We are all at different steps on our journey.  Some of us have incurred the experiences of life that enables us to totally embrace our passion, power and substance.  Whilst some of us may be in the transformation of stepping into our true selves, and when the time is right we will have wings and fly as a butterfly.  Some of us have yet to acknowledge the true potential we hold deep inside, and may be in the cocoon phase and when the time is right the hand of courage, we will accept and embrace the transformation and  beauty that patiently awaits.  We are all on our own individual pathway and we will experience each chapter as and when the time is right for us.

For me as a ladies shoes designer I believe in order to create my designer shoes collection, it is essential to experience as much of her life as possible.  By experiencing her life I can feel her, be her, touch her life and reflect this into my designs.  

The Anita Flavina woman embraces her life, she is passionate about the people that she touches and feels, her family, friends, colleagues.  She is truly loves her life, the places she visits, whether it be holiday destinations, cities, beach or spa resorts, she enjoys  visiting museums, art galleries, shows, eating out at restaurants or making delicious meals at home.

The Anita Flavina woman is able to step into her own power, she is self assured, resilient and independent in her thoughts.  She holds her own strength, which she finds in her values within the simplicity of life.  Her wisdom and self empowerment evokes her to speak her truth and the truth of those for whom she holds a space for.  In order for her to achieve this, she is secure to go with in herself to reflect and build on her inner strength, enabling her to increase her sense of well being.   She may revel in spending time among nature, alternatively or as well is she may find solace in mediation or yoga.

Anita Flavina woman is a woman of substance.  Her values and attributes are respected by others.  She is resilient, sincere, kind and gentle.  She is often turned to in times of need, shining her light supporting and holding space for those she loves.  She is consistent and evokes those who wishes to help themselves.  When the day is done she will joyfully relax and reveal in light hearted entertainment.  

To me the Anita Flavina woman operates from her heart with her passion, power and substance.

Farhana Bodi I Woman of the World @farhanabodi wearing style FARAHAN

Noor Odeh Fashion and Beauty Personal Blogger @noorodeh7 wearing style FRANCA

Julia Rebaudo Stylonylon Life & Style London Writer and blogger @stylonylon wearing style ANGELINA


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